Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a difference a YEAR makes!

I have decided to resurrect my blog that I so ambitiously began a year ago while living in Ceret a small village in the South of France where art history runs deep. There, inspiration was abundant and alive. Since then I have had a huge life adjustment, I find myself living back in the states, New York to be exact. Moving with two teenagers, husband, two dogs a cat and as much STUFF as I could fit into 6 boxes! That was some serious decision making and yet also creative. I would ask myself what do I need and how many uses can I get from this item? Well enough of that, finally I find myself set up in a new world that is very different from any that I lived in the last 20 years, shocking at first but now adjusted and finding Inspiration again. Luckily I have found a 100yr old cottage just 40 minutes outside of Manhattan, surrounded by natural beauty, American history and an amazing cultural city just a commuter train ride away.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playing with images....

Along with my many projects in process I have been thinking about images and icons, I often use images from nature or my collection of vintage objects in my art. Today I played with creating some rubber stamps of my own so that I may use some choice images repeatedly. I purchased some rubber stamp material and started cutting and carving and completed my first two! My inspiration was a sketch I did from a botanical book and the other was from an old key fitting I found in a french flea market.
I am happy with the results and can't wait to see what I can create with them next. Thinking about stamping on some linen and cotton so I have some fun fabric to play with.

Monday, February 8, 2010

February Already!!!

Well time fly's when your learning new things like how to be part of this world wide web! Have been posting on my new account on Etsy Have a few new things to share, some jewelry inspired by this month of Love and a couple new large paintings just a few strokes away from completion. Spring is in the air here in France, I can feel it! Still working on that bouquet of flowers for the wire sculpture, playing around with different materials. I promise something soon!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Working away on

Well the Internet has been down for days but that just put me to work in other area's like actually creating things in this case jewelry! I am simultaneously photographing and now posting on my new online store at My shop is kimalexisdesigns@

Just designed my jewelry card will post it here, Have to tell you I know nothing about graphic design. I just staged a photo and added some text and viola!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A little something I made this morning, feeling inspired by all the iron and dreamy architecture, feel like I live on a set for a movie!

I love living in history, every building, or iron gate tells me a story of days past. The best part is that this place that looks like a stage set is real! There are little children and elderly people about living their lives. Dogs in the streets and birds singing, It has a romance to it and that is where my inspiration came from for this little environment created this morning......

Spring Collection 2010